Sveinung Rudjord Unneland


Unneland graduated from the Art Academy in Bergen in 2007. He has presented several solo and group exhibitions among others at Hordaland Art Centre, Gallery LNM, Tag Team Studio, Gallery 0047, KODE - Bergen art museum, Kunstnerforbundet, Visningsrommet Entrèe, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Østfold Art Centre and Waterside Contemporary in addition to site specific projects or commissioned work. Besides this, he has been active in the artist group Members Club and has hold position as board member in Young Artists' Society, B-Open and BKFH. He has been organizer for a number of group exhibitions and as a stage designer in various theatre projects. Rudjord Unneland art projects usually consist of painting and sculptures assembled in installations. Before becoming a scholar in 2018 he worked as an assistant professor at The Art Academy - Institute of Contemporary Art / KMD in the period 2012-18.

In my previous work I have often been dealing with emotional numbness, dizziness, and unreality as emotional points of departure, and based my work on what I like to call a productive ambiguity where borders between the object and the space and context is blurred and challenged. Questioning the terms and conditions concerning the production and presenting of artworks and how artistic experience is created and shaped in and as dialog, is central in my artistic work.