I Tidene


I Tidene 

Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum is opening a new museum of Contemporary Art in Sogn og Fjordane County on the west coast of Norway and the news will be spread via the publication - a meta newspaper - ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no fjord wide enough to keep us from GETTING TO YOU TIDENDE.

Working collaboratively with artists, writers, and local reporters the two issues of the GETTING TO YOU TIDENDE are planned for the lead-up to the museum opening in Autumn 2012. Arriving in the homes of more than 40,000 homes in the region the project will develop new ways to connect the museum to its largely rural audience, as well as connecting the museum to new possibilities and contexts across the world.

In wishing to find new ways to explore the region, it's context and it's meaning GETTING TO YOU TIDENDE will use the mosaic form of a newspaper to reveal and exhibit new histories, urgencies and relationships of the region. Each issue will be formed out of a searching playful exploration of two fundamental questions and propositions - what is the news, and why are you here are?

Unfolding between May - September 2012 GETTING TO YOU TIDENDE will stage an experiment with the form an exhibition can take. GETTING TO YOU TIDENDE - a meta newspaper is an art project idea by Lars Sture, in development with the curatorial team of Anne-Marie Creamer and Kjetil Berge.

Kjetil Berge is an artist/curator based between London and Lofoten (N)

Anne-Marie Creamer is a London based artist/curator

Lars Sture is an artist/curator based between London and Solund (N)

Contact email: tidende@broadpark.no